7 months


up to 3500 RON/month


Java, JavaScript, SQL & more

Learn Software Development at the highest standards

Our Trainee Program aims to put 20 people through a series of high-paced IT courses that will turn them into competent Junior Web Developers, over the course of seven months.

At the end of the program, successful students will be hired on some of Zega's most prominent projects.

The diverse tech stack consists of Java and JavaScript and SQL as the primary programming platforms you will gain experience with.

Using this base, you will also discover frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS with Bootstrap, React JS, TypeScript, and backend technologies like Spring Framework (with Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, Spring Security), Thymeleaf, JUnit, Mockito, Open API and relational dabases like PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Get paid

Benefits that no average coding school can provide

Get paid from day one.

  • The compensation increases along with the complexity of the courses;
  • By the end of the program, you'll be getting close to the Romanian medium net salary;

One on one coaching.

  • In the first month, you can test different technologies and programming languages;
  • Benefit from our guidance when choosing the technologies you want to learn.

Guaranteed hire.

  • Guidance before interviews with our clients.
  • Extra courses to help you land the desired project.

Complete benefits package.

  • Check our benefits page, here.

You get hired the minute you complete our paid six months course!



Are you a student or someone looking for a complete professional reconversion?


Students in their final year or studying a Master from technical universities.


Professional reconversion for those with a minimum experience in HTML, CSS, JS etc.




Seven months of web development basics, each with their specific perks and compensation level.

1st phase

Period: October 

We get to check your level, you get to dip your toes in a couple of programming languages and technologies.

By the end of the month, we decide together what fits you best.

Stipend - 1,000 RON, net

2nd phase

Period: Nov, Dec, Jan

You start an intensive learning routine that will put your skills to the test. 

During this period, we will assess your potential and decide whether you will join phase three.

Stipend - 2,000 RON/month, net

3rd phase

Period: Feb, March, April

From the very start of these three months, you become a full-time ZegaSoftware employee.

Once you complete them, we will take into consideration other courses (if needed) to get you going on one of our projects.

Salary - 3,000 RON/month, 500 RON other benefits, Medlife Business Card

If you qualified for the 3rd phase, then it’s official. You have been selected to be part of the Zega team and you will commit to working with us for a specific amount of time, as agreed in a "gentlemen's agreement".



This is not your average bootcamp by any standards, therefore we expect dedication and hard work in order to complete this seven months course!


All of the courses require a full-time commitment at the Zega Offices from Brasov;


The total duration of the course averages seven months;


The paid salaries have a net value and there will be a legal contract in place;


Anytime during the seven months of the course, we have the right to terminate your contract if you do not perform at the desired level;


If you pass initial selection, you will become a part of the Zega team and will have to stick with us for a minimum number of months, as mutually agreed;


You will be provided with the necessary hardware, as well as plentiful snacks and a fully operational kitchen.