Just be the CEO of your own life!

No borders, no physical office presence required, asynchronous communications (except client calls) and obviously, 100% autonomy so you can better focus on your work.


What can the company do for you?

We’re curious about your goals and objectives so we can help you achieve them faster. We believe that if you thrive, we’ll be thriving along.


No strict rules, full accountability!

We really want to make things work so we’ll be bending some rules occasionally. Internal regulations are lax, with one thing in mind - delivering only the best for the client.

If you can bring along professionalism and long term commitment, then we could be a good match.

Send over your CV!
We are D.E.V.

Switch projects & deliver only when you’re at the top of your game

This has got to be the most sought after perk here at Zega. If, for some external causes, you find yourself underperforming, we have a solution. You can just apply for another project of your choice and start working right away with zero paperwork.

Who says you can’t work from a cabin in the woods?

Everyone loves remote and most of our teams built space rocket grade desktops at their homes, during the pandemic. We’re ok with that as long we get to meet once in a while for essential matters or team buildings.

Need a workload that will pay for your dreams faster?

We can scale the workload according to your financial needs - this being the essential perk of our financial benefits. However, we expect that you deliver on time and at the agreed code quality.



Remote is the gold standard for distributed companies. But, once in a while, gatherings with the team are helpful and we go out of our way to make it happen.

Switch projects

We encourage switching between projects/teams so you can experience variety and, most important, bring out your best for our clients.

Work at your own place

Life/work balance is something everyone needs these days, and we encourage this. As long as you deliver when expected, feel free to organize your schedule.


Continuous learning keeps your mind in shape and helps create new opportunities. We’d be happy to facilitate the process for you!

Financial and insurance benefits

We provide comprehensive benefits for our employees. Whether it is open vacation policy, wellness benefits, leaves or financial packages, we got you covered.


If you’re a Mid or Senior Web Programmer, we’d like to hear from you! Contact us here, review our benefit list or read the Zega philosophy before applying.


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