Frequently asked questions

Last updated: June 24, 2022

Successful hires at Zega are less than 10% of all applications. Candidates prove themselves in real coding scenarios under the supervision of our senior engineers. We also host a yearly Bootcamp where we grow our own competent Junior Developers.

The tech stack includes JAVA, Spring Boot, .NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, React.JS, Angular, Vue.JS, Azure, AWS, GCP, GIT, TeamCity, Docker, Kubernetes. For the complete tech stack please make an enquiry.

We delivered for a variety of industries, such as pharma, IT, transportation, retail, banking, e-commerce and fintech, among others. We had the opportunity of accessing quite a few Fortune 500 companies (through our partners), therefore we are used to building software under the most stringent security and compliance requirements.

Types of solutions:

  • Procurement and supplier payment solutions
  • ERP solutions
  • Large B2B web applications
  • Transportation booking solutions
  • CRM solutions
  • Financial solutions
  • E-commerce solutions

Zega’s preferred Agile methodology is Scrum. Depending on the project’s nature, length and scope, we might use/combine other Agile methodologies also.

The methodology itself regulates the pace of the project, as it sets numerous intermediary deadlines. Clients are kept in the loop 100%. Business Analysts will usually have strong inputs when it comes to strategy, allowing you to make the best possible decisions with minimal costs.

We out staff both teams and individuals.

Our specialists are top performers in their field and the group dynamics are flawless. They perform great in a variety of conditions and under pressure, whether as a managed team or under your management. However, if for any reason you decide to end our collaboration after the two weeks trial, you can do so at no cost whatsoever.

We grow our Junior Developers in a unique way, by investing in them from day one. The benefits outgrow the risks by far, as students get really motivated by our 3 tier salaries and more than 1000 hours of continuous learning. They learn a variety of technologies on a basic-medium level and by the end of the program, they are able to start working on real client projects.

Our Software Developers need to achieve a perfect life-work balance in order to deliver at their best. As a distributed company, we allow them full flexibility when it comes to working remote, switching between projects or adjusting their income based on their needs.

We don't require full-time physical presence at the office, among others. This changes the work dynamics quite a bit, as Software Development Teams need to collaborate tightly. However, we combine asynchronous and synchronous digital communications for high performance, while still allowing developers to work from the comfort of their chosen workspace. To sum up, we thrive on remote work, although some of us still enjoy hybrid and office work.