Accessing integrated software development services and more with ZegaSoftware

10 months ago - 2 minute(s) read

As an outsourcing company, we are always discussing potential vs. reality. Just as our clients that can be a small startup one day, then scaling like crazy the next, we are also pondering about our potential span and latent services. Can we beat the outsourcing label and offer a variety of other compelling services? We believe so. The past year has seen us training a class of exceptional students, turning them into competent Junior-Mid Developers. This was possible with the help of stellar mentors, so why not train other company's developers as well. Similarly, we own a large buiding with A++ offices. By combining these assets, we can provide a hub for any company looking to settle itself in the region. Let's detail below these potential services and what their outcome might be.

I. Integrated software development services

At the core, we are an outsourcing company with significant experience, spanning over 17 years. We have managed to build during this period a core of experienced Senior Engineers that now help expand the company through trainings, mentorships and knowledge sharing sessions, among others. Our clients usually hire a mix of Seniors/Middle/Junior Developers, depending on their needs. In the cases where a project requires a full, cross functional team, we ad to our Frontend and Backend capabilities QA Engineeers, Business Analysts, as well as Project Managers. These situations therefore generate our main two services, Cross-functional Teams and Extended Teams for our clients.

II. Training students or developers on new technologies

Our dedicated mentors, having had the experience of two seasons of Zega Bootcamp and previous experience at other coding schools, can now easily train developers for any interested company. Compared to the average coding school, our training is aimed at growing competent Junior-Mid Developers, therefore very intensive. It is also worth considering our varied tech stack that any company can point to when we are training their developers. Along with a modern system of mentorship and knowledge sharing, and with their work at a real world project during their apprenticeship, the graduates will be able to tackle difficult problems and have a high degree of autonomy. This would therefore be our third potential service, training classes of highly skilled developers for third parties.


III. A++ offices for a regional hub

Until recently, one storey of our office building was rented out to another IT company. However, we saw new posibilities when it got cleared a couple months back. With hardware and classy offices in place, could this be the inception point for a regional hub of any interested company? Now, combined with our training service, the hub could be populated with teams of Junior-Mid Developers led by a couple Senior Engineers within aproximately eight months. As for companies that are looking for other seniorities, we could help with Talent Aquisition, HR and Payroll.


It is clear by now that we can support companies in their scaling efforts with much more that just Software Development. Recruting, training developers, hosting them in A++ offices, putting together cross-functional teams - a myriad of options for proper scaling or succesfuly completing a complex software project.