Types of products built by a software development team

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 If you wonder what software products can be created by a software development team, the answer is... most of them, depending on the tech stack they master. All known software has been buit by a team or teams of software developers, the completion of some spanning for many years. For example, the Linux Kernel is among the largest software projects in the world, having thousands of contributors and an ongoing work. Also, the variety of the software built by teams is enormous, and we are going to review below some of the most popular.

From the list of essential software below, operating systems are a special category, forming the bedrock upon which all other software operates. The development of an operating system is a very large undertaking, involving teams of hundreds, even thousands of developers and immense budgets. Billions of dollars are being invested by large companies and the open-source community to crearte and maintain these systems. Now, in a way, operating systems represent the largest variation of every  software in terms of budgets, teams and planning.

Here are some well known software products:

→ operating systems
→ office suites
→ web browsers
→ antiviruses and security

However, complex software products, especially enterprise ones, serve a larger variety of purposes. Let's have a look at some of the most popular:

→ content management systems
→ customer relationship management
→ accounting and financial management
→ e-commerce platforms
→ data analytics and business intelligence
→ customer experience management
→ customer engagement and marketing automation
→ supply chain management
→ enterprise resource planning
→ document management
→ virtualization and cloud computing
→ sales and CRM automation
→ business process management

While some of these can be acquired 'off the shelves', companies need a highly customized version for specific needs.

For example, a custom web platform for a bank, addressing would-be customers through gamification and advice on investments, is a highly customized platform unavailable as a mass product. (eg. the BBVA Game, the Punch the Pig game of PNC Bank, and the Monopoly game of Ally Bank)

If you are a CIO or a CTO, you are well aware of this. If you plan to lead your company's next software project, be it a custom web platform or anything from the above list, let's have a chat.

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